Welcome to the Photo Bank of Wah Yan College, Kowloon.  Here, you may go and search for images of events and people in WYK. 

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Academic and Cultural Exchange Team.jpg

Art Club.jpg

Astronomy Society.jpg

Aviation Club.jpg

Badminton Club.jpg

Basketball Society.jpg



Biology Club.jpg

Bridge Club.jpg

CA - Altar Society.jpg

CA - Catholic Choir.jpg

CA - Christian Life Community.jpg

CA - Exco.jpg

CA - Legion of Mary.jpg

Chess Society.jpg

Chinese Cultural Society.jpg

Chinese Debating Team.jpg

Chinese Marital Arts Club.jpg

Chinese Society.jpg

Christian Fellowship.jpg

Computer and Electronics Society.jpg

Current Affairs Society.jpg

English Debating Team.jpg

English Society.jpg

Geography and Conservancy Society.jpg

History Society.jpg

Hong Kong Awards For Young People.jpg

Horticulture Club.jpg

Interact Club.jpg

Japanese Cultural Society.jpg

Karate Club.jpg

MA - Chinese Orchestra.jpg

MA - Exco.jpg

MA - Intermediate Choir.jpg

MA - Junior Choir.jpg

MA - Pop Music Society.jpg

MA - Senior Choir.jpg

MA - Wind-Band.jpg

MA- String Orchestra.jpg

Men For Others Organizing Committee.jpg

Modeller's Society.jpg

Orienteering Club.jpg

Performing Arts Society.jpg

Philatelic Society.jpg

Philosophy Society.jpg

Photography and Videography Club.jpg

Prefects' Board.jpg

Psychology Club.jpg

Putonghua Society.jpg

SA - Cultural Activities Committee.jpg

SA - Exco & Students' Council.jpg

SA - Exco.jpg

SA - Financial Board.jpg

SA - Liaison Board.jpg

SA - Recreation Committee.jpg

SA - Secretariat.jpg

SA - Social Service Committee.jpg

SA - Sports Committee.jpg

SA - Students' Council.jpg

SA- Students' Welfare Committee.jpg

School Athletic Team - A Grade.jpg

School Athletic Team - B Grade.jpg

School Athletic Team - C Grade.jpg

School Athletic Team.jpg

School Baketball Team.jpg

School Football Team - A Grade.jpg

School Football Team - B Grade.jpg

School Football Team - C Grade.jpg

School Football Team .jpg

School Orienteering Team.jpg

School Swimming Team.jpg

School Table Tennis Team.jpg

School Tennis Team.jpg

Scienmatics Club.jpg

Shield Editorial Board.jpg

Signum Editorial Board.jpg


Speech and Debating Society.jpg

Stage Management Team.jpg

Student Computer Team.jpg

Students' Careers Working Group.jpg

Students' Library.jpg

Table Tennis Club.jpg

Tennis Club.jpg

Translation Society.jpg

UNO Club.jpg

Wah Yan Path Association.jpg

Weight Training Club.jpg

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