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Air Cadet Corps_01.jpg

Air Cadet Corps_02.jpg

Air Cadet Corps_03.jpg

Air Cadet Corps_04.jpg

Air Cadet Corps_05.jpg

Air Cadet Corps_06.jpg

Air Scout Troop_02.jpg

Air Scout Troop_03.jpg

Air Scout Troop_04.jpg

Air Scout Troop_05.jpg

Altar Society_01.jpg

Altar Society_02.jpg

Altar Society_03.jpg

Altar Society_04.jpg

Athletic Team_03.jpg

Athletic Team_05.jpg

Athletic Team_07.jpg

Athletic Team_09.jpg

Badminton Team_01.jpg

Badminton Team_03.jpg

Baseball Team_01.jpg

Baseball Team_02.jpg

Baseball Team_03.jpg

Baseball Team_04.jpg

Basketball Club_01.jpg

Basketball Club_02.jpg

Basketball Club_03.jpg

Basketball Club_04.jpg

Basketball Team_01.jpg

Basketball Team_02.jpg

Basketball Team_03.jpg

Basketball Team_04.jpg

Biology Club_01.jpg

Biology Club_02.jpg

Bowling Club_01.jpg

Bowling Club_02.jpg

Bowling Club_03.jpg

Bowling Club_04.jpg

Bowling Team_01.jpg

Bowling Team_02.jpg

Bowling Team_03.jpg

Bowling Team_04.jpg

Bridge Club_02.jpg

Bridge Club_03.jpg

Bridge Club_05.jpg

Bridge Club_06.jpg

Bridge Club_07.jpg

Bridge Club_08.jpg

Business and Accounting Society_01.jpg

Business and Accounting Society_02.jpg

Business and Accounting Society_03.jpg

Business and Accounting Society_04.jpg

CAL Room Prefects_01.jpg

CAL Room Prefects_02.jpg

CAL Room Prefects_03.jpg

CAL Room Prefects_04.jpg

Calligraphy Society_01.jpg

Calligraphy Society_02.jpg

Calligraphy Society_03.jpg

Calligraphy Society_04.jpg

Campus TV_01.jpg

Campus TV_02.jpg

Campus TV_03.jpg

Campus TV_04.jpg

Caritas Bazaar Organizing Committee_02.jpg

Caritas Bazaar Organizing Committee_04.jpg

Catholic Association_01.jpg

Catholic Association_02.jpg

Catholic Association_03.jpg

Catholic Association_04.jpg

Catholic Choir_01.jpg

Catholic Choir_02.jpg

Catholic Choir_03.jpg

Catholic Choir_04.jpg

Chess Society_01.jpg

Chess Society_02.jpg

Chess Society_03.jpg

Chess Society_04.jpg

Chess Team_01.jpg

Chess Team_02.jpg

Chess Team_03.jpg

Chess Team_04.jpg

Chinese Chess Team_01.jpg

Chinese Chess Team_02.jpg

Chinese Chess Team_03.jpg

Chinese Chess Team_04.jpg

Chinese Culture_01.jpg

Chinese Culture_02.jpg

Chinese Culture_03.jpg

Chinese Culture_04.jpg

Chinese Debating Team_01.jpg

Chinese Debating Team_02.jpg

Chinese Debating Team_03.jpg

Chinese Debating Team_04.jpg

Chinese Orchestra_01.jpg

Chinese Orchestra_02.jpg

Chinese Orchestra_03.jpg

Chinese Orchestra_04.jpg

Chinese Society_01.jpg

Chinese Society_02.jpg

Chinese Society_03.jpg

Chinese Society_04.jpg

Christian Fellowship_01.jpg

Christian Fellowship_02.jpg

Christian Fellowship_03.jpg

Christian Fellowship_04.jpg

Christian Life Community_01.jpg

Christian Life Community_03.jpg

Computer Assisted Management Team_01.jpg

Computer Assisted Management Team_02.jpg

Computer Assisted Management Team_03.jpg

Computer Assisted Management Team_04.jpg

Computer and Electronics Club_01.jpg

Computer and Electronics Club_02.jpg

Computer and Electronics Club_03.jpg

Computer and Electronics Club_04.jpg

Cross Country Team_01.jpg

Cross Country Team_02.jpg

Cross Country Team_03.jpg

Cross Country Team_04.jpg

Cultural Activities Committee_01.jpg

Cultural Activities Committee_02.jpg

Cultural Activities Committee_03.jpg

Cultural Activities Committee_04.jpg

Current Affairs Society_01.jpg

Current Affairs Society_02.jpg

Current Affairs Society_03.jpg

Current Affairs Society_04.jpg

Dodge Ball Club_01.jpg

Dodge Ball Club_02.jpg

Dodge Ball Club_03.jpg

Dodge Ball Club_04.jpg

Economic Society_01.jpg

Economic Society_02.jpg

Economic Society_03.jpg

English Debating Team_01.jpg

English Debating Team_02.jpg

English Debating Team_04.jpg

English Society_01.jpg

English Society_02.jpg

English Society_03.jpg

English Society_04.jpg

Executive Council_01.jpg

Executive Council_02.jpg

Executive Council_03.jpg

Executive Council_04.jpg

Financial Board_01.jpg

Financial Board_02.jpg

Football Team_01.jpg

Football Team_02.jpg

Football Team_03.jpg

Geography and Conservancy Society_01.jpg

Geography and Conservancy Society_02.jpg

Geography and Conservancy Society_03.jpg

Geography and Conservancy Society_04.jpg

Golf Team_01.jpg

Golf Team_02.jpg

Golf Team_03.jpg

Gymnastic Club_01.jpg

Gymnastic Club_02.jpg

Gymnastic Club_03.jpg

Gymnastic Club_04.jpg

Herpetology Club_01.jpg

Herpetology Club_02.jpg

Herpetology Club_03.jpg

Herpetology Club_04.jpg

Herpetology Club_05.jpg

Herpetology Club_06.jpg

Herpetology Club_07.jpg

Herpetology Club_08.jpg

Hiking and Mountaineering Club_01.jpg

Hiking and Mountaineering Club_02.jpg

Hiking and Mountaineering Club_03.jpg

Hiking and Mountaineering Club_04.jpg

History Society_01.jpg

History Society_02.jpg

History Society_03.jpg

History Society_04.jpg

History Society_05.jpg

History Society_06.jpg

History Society_07.jpg

History Society_08.jpg

Hockey Club_02.jpg

Hockey Club_03.jpg

Hockey Club_04.jpg

Hockey Team_01.jpg

Hockey Team_02.jpg

Hockey Team_03.jpg

Hockey Team_04.jpg

Horticulture Club_02.jpg

Horticulture Club_03.jpg

Horticulture Club_04.jpg

Ice Hockey Team_02.jpg

Interact Club_01.jpg

Interact Club_02.jpg

Interact Club_04.jpg

Intermediate Choir_01.jpg

Intermediate Choir_02.jpg

Intermediate Choir_03.jpg

Intermediate Choir_04.jpg

Japanese Culture Society_01.jpg

Japanese Culture Society_02.jpg

Japanese Culture Society_03.jpg

Japanese Culture Society_04.jpg

Junior Choir_01.jpg

Junior Choir_02.jpg

Junior Choir_04.jpg

Junior Scout Unit_01.jpg

Junior Scout Unit_03.jpg

Junior Scout Unit_04.jpg

Junior Scout Unit_06.jpg

Karate Club_01.jpg

Karate Club_02.jpg

Karate Club_03.jpg

Karate Club_04.jpg

Korean Culture Club_01.jpg

Korean Culture Club_02.jpg

Korean Culture Club_03.jpg

Korean Culture Club_04.jpg

Legion of Mary_01.jpg

Legion of Mary_03.jpg

Liaison Board of Clubs and Societies_02.jpg

Liaison Board of Clubs and Societies_03.jpg

Liaison Board of Clubs and Societies_04.jpg

Liberal Studies Team_01.jpg

Liberal Studies Team_02.jpg

Liberal Studies Team_03.jpg

Liberal Studies Team_04.jpg

Liturgy Group_01.jpg

Liturgy Group_02.jpg

Liturgy Group_03.jpg

Liturgy Group_04.jpg

Magic Society_01.jpg

Magic Society_02.jpg

Magic Society_03.jpg

Magic Society_04.jpg

Men For Others_01.jpg

Men For Others_02.jpg

Men For Others_03.jpg

Men For Others_04.jpg

Men for Others- Organizing Committee_02.jpg

Men for Others-Organizing Committee_03.jpg

Modellers Society_01.jpg

Modellers Society_02.jpg

Modellers Society_03.jpg

Modellers Society_04.jpg

Music Association_01.jpg

Music Association_02.jpg

Music Association_03.jpg

Music Association_04.jpg

National Education Team-02.jpg

National Education Team_01.jpg

National Education Team_03.jpg

National Education Team_04.jpg

Orienteering Club_02.jpg

Orienteering Club_03.jpg

Orienteering Club_04.jpg

Orienteering Team_02.jpg

Orienteering Team_04.jpg

Origami Club_01.jpg

Origami Club_02.jpg

Origami Club_03.jpg

Origami Club_04.jpg

Performing Arts Society_01.jpg

Performing Arts Society_02.jpg

Performing Arts Society_03.jpg

Performing Arts Society_04.jpg

Performing Arts Society_05.jpg

Philosophy Society_02.jpg

Philosophy Society_04.jpg

Photography Team_01.jpg

Photography Team_02.jpg

Photography Team_05.jpg

Photography Team_06.jpg

Photography Team_07.jpg

Photography Team_08.jpg

Photogrpahy Club_02.jpg

Physics Club_01.jpg

Physics Club_03.jpg

Physics Club_04.jpg

Piano Accompanist Group_01.jpg

Piano Accompanist Group_02.jpg

Piano Accompanist Group_03.jpg

Piano Accompanist Group_04.jpg

Pop Music Society_01.jpg

Pop Music Society_02.jpg

Pop Music Society_03.jpg

Pop Music Society_04.jpg

Prefects' Board_01.jpg

Prefects' Board_02.jpg

Prefects' Board_03.jpg

Prefects' Board_04.jpg

Publication Committee_01.jpg

Publication Committee_02.jpg

Publication Committee_03.jpg

Publication Committee_04.jpg

Publicity Committee_02.jpg

Publicity Committee_04.jpg

Putonghua Society_01.jpg

Putonghua Society_02.jpg

Putonghua Society_03.jpg

Putonghua Society_04.jpg

Recreation Committee_02.jpg

Recreation Committee_04.jpg

Recreation Committee_05.jpg

Rugby Club_01.jpg

Rugby Club_02.jpg

Rugby Club_04.jpg

Rugby Club_05.jpg

Rugby Team_01.jpg

Rugby Team_02.jpg

Rugby Team_03.jpg

Rugby Team_04.jpg

SA ExCo_02.jpg

SA ExCo_03.jpg

SA ExCo_04.jpg

SA ExCo_05.jpg

Scienmatics Club_02.jpg

Scienmatics Club_03.jpg

Scienmatics Club_04.jpg





Senior Choir_01.jpg

Senior Choir_02.jpg

Senior Choir_03.jpg

Shield Editorial Board_01.jpg

Shield Editorial Board_02.jpg

Shield Editorial Board_03.jpg

Shield Editorial Board_04.jpg

Soccer Society_01.jpg

Soccer Society_03.jpg

Soccer Society_04.jpg

Soccer Society_05.jpg

Soccer Society_06.jpg

Social Service Committee_01.jpg

Social Service Committee_02.jpg

Social Service Committee_03.jpg

Social Service Committee_04.jpg

Speech and Debating Society_01.jpg

Speech and Debating Society_02.jpg

Speech and Debating Society_03.jpg

Speech and Debating Society_04.jpg

Sports Committee_01.jpg

Sports Committee_03.jpg

Sports Committee_04.jpg

Stage Management Committee_01.jpg

Stage Management Committee_02.jpg

Stage Management Committee_03.jpg

Stage Management Committee_04.jpg

Stage Management Team_01.jpg

Stage Management Team_02.jpg

Stage Management Team_03.jpg

Stage Management Team_04.jpg

String Orchestra_01.jpg

String Orchestra_02.jpg

String Orchestra_03.jpg

String Orchestra_04.jpg

Student Career Group_01.jpg

Student Career Group_02.jpg

Student Career Group_04.jpg

Student Career Group_05.jpg

Students Council (Senior Forms)_04.jpg

Students Council (Senior Forms)_05.jpg

Students Council (Junior Forms)_01.jpg

Students Council (Junior Forms)_02.jpg

Students Council (Junior Forms)_03.jpg

Students Council (Junior Forms)_04.jpg

Students Council (Junior Forms)_05.jpg

Students Council (Junior Forms)_06.jpg

Students Council (Senior Forms)_01.jpg

Students Council (Senior Forms)_02.jpg

Students Council (Senior Forms)_03.jpg

Students Welfare Committee_01.jpg

Students Welfare Committee_02.jpg

Students Welfare Committee_03.jpg

Students' Association_01.jpg

Students' Association_02.jpg

Students' Association_03.jpg

Students' Association_04.jpg

Students' Association_05.jpg

Students' Association_06.jpg

Students' Library_01.jpg

Students' Library_02.jpg

Students' Library_03.jpg

Students' Library_04.jpg

Students' Welfare Committee_04.jpg

Students' Welfare Committee_05.jpg

Students' Welfare Committee_06.jpg

Swimming Team_01.jpg

Swimming Team_02.jpg

Swimming Team_03.jpg

Swimming Team_04.jpg

Symphony Orchestra_01.jpg

Symphony Orchestra_02.jpg

Symphony Orchestra_03.jpg

Symphony Orchestra_04.jpg

Table Tennis Club_01.jpg

Table Tennis Club_02.jpg

Table Tennis Club_03.jpg

Table Tennis Club_04.jpg

Table Tennis Team_01.jpg

Table Tennis Team_02.jpg

Table Tennis Team_03.jpg

Table Tennis Team_04.jpg

Taekwondo Club_01.jpg

Taekwondo Club_02.jpg

Taekwondo Club_03.jpg

Taekwondo Club_04.jpg

Taekwondo Club_05.jpg

Tennis Team_01.jpg

Tennis Team_02.jpg

Tennis Team_03.jpg

Tennis Team_04.jpg

Translation Society_01.jpg

Translation Society_02.jpg

Translation Society_03.jpg

Translation Society_04.jpg

UNO & Board Game Club_01.jpg

UNO & Board Game Club_02.jpg

UNO & Board Game Club_03.jpg

UNO & Board Game Club_04.jpg

UNO & Board Game Club_06.jpg

UNO & Board Game Club_07.jpg

Venture Air Scouts_01.jpg

Venture Air Scouts_02.jpg

Venture Air Scouts_03.jpg

Venture Air Scouts_04.jpg

Venture Scout Unit_01.jpg

Venture Scout Unit_02.jpg

Venture Scout Unit_03.jpg

Venture Scout Unit_04.jpg

Visual Arts Club_01.jpg

Visual Arts Club_03.jpg

Volleyball Club_01.jpg

Volleyball Club_02.jpg

Volleyball Club_03.jpg

Volleyball Club_04.jpg

Volleyball Team_01.jpg

Volleyball Team_02.jpg

Volleyball Team_03.jpg

Volleyball Team_04.jpg

Wah Yan Times_01.jpg

Wah Yan Times_02.jpg

Wah Yan Times_03.jpg

Wah Yan Times_04.jpg

Water Polo Team_01.jpg

Water Polo Team_02.jpg

Water Polo Team_03.jpg

Water Polo Team_04.jpg

Water Polo Team_05.jpg

Water Polo Team_06.jpg

Wind Band_01.jpg

Wind Band_02.jpg

Wind Band_03.jpg

Wind Band_04.jpg

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